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The Qualified Staff

With over fifteen years industry experience, we are excited to be able to confidently and knowledgeably engage with you, for all of your customized telecom projects. All CBL Telecom employees are fully trained and licensed to perform the full scope of our service offerings.

The qualifications of our staff, do not just apply to their technical abilities in the field, but also the way that we deal with you, our customer. We understand that knowing why and how something works can be confusing, but it is just as important as enjoying the end product. If you’ve got questions, our technicians have the answers! Our promise to you, is to take the time required, however long, to ensure that you are left with your questions answered and a genuine feeling that your needs were met in a courteous manner. The “CBL Difference” is in the quality of the work we perform, the level of professionalism you experience and the customer service that you receive….Satisfaction guaranteed!


Safety Rules

It’s all about keeping SAFETY FIRST! We pride ourselves in not only meeting, but exceeding today’s safety and training standards, to ensure that we are able to constantly evolve along side the regulations and guidelines of this rapidly changing industry.

As a member of CSAM (The Construction Safety Association of Manitoba) and WCB (The Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba), we are pleased to inform you that we continue to be incident free and are on our way to achieving COR Certification here in Manitoba. We hold the safety of both our employees and our clients in the highest regard. All residential and commercial work is inspected, prior to any work being performed and all work is conducted under the strict supervision of a senior member of our safety committee. This is to ensure that all tasks conducted and the environments that they are performed in, adhere to current safety and operational standards. CBL Telecom Services reserves the right to decline service any one individual or commercial entity, in the event that the requested service, or environment of operation are deemed to be unsafe. We prefer to proceed with confidence instead of caution.

According to the Project

There’s no job too big or too small for CBL Telecom Services, and we truly do appreciate your business! We continually engage with our customers and clients to create and execute the best possible approaches and planning, to achieving excellence in the end result.

We combine your requests for service, with our knowledge of available products and methods of execution, to develop the most efficient and cost effective ways to get the job done. It’s become clear, that once our customers have the opportunity to consult with a CBL Technician, we are able to offer a much deeper understanding of what needs to be done and the different ways it can be done, to cater to both your current and future needs. With that said, the transparency of our contracts and installation agreements, is very important to us. Our goal is to provide all of our clients with the most competitive material and labor costs available, without sacrificing our quality. No hidden fees or last minute date changes, this is our promise to you. With the proper planning, materials and time spent paying attention to the details, CBL Telecom will complete your project within budget and on schedule. Call or book an online appointment today, using our interactive booking application, found at the bottom of each of our service pages. We look forward to “making all the right connections” for you!

Why Choose CBL Telecom?

It’s true, we’re not the only ones in the business. Having said that, we are the only ones offering our unique “Cable Clean” and “Custom Termination and Plating” services. If your tired of all those in-and-out installations, that leave you with unanswered questions and unsightly exposed lines in your home, then it’s time to choose CBL Telecom.

We would love the opportunity to do the job correctly, the first time and leave your home ready for both the technology of today and tomorrow. Our slogan is “Making all the right connections”….and we aren’t just talking about the physical connections required to complete your service requests, but the way that we connect with our clients and our community. We want to be “That Great Cable Guy” you keep in your back pocket and are confident in sending us to a friend.

If you need more, then we also offer “The CBL Difference”. This gives each of our clients a better understanding as to why, how and when they should have equipment installed or specific services performed. You can locate “The CBL Difference” at the bottom of all of our service related pages. See for yourself, the difference it makes having a CBL Technician working for you!

Professionally Trained Technicians

Quality Materials and Products

Focused on Safety

Customized Service Offerings

"The CBL Difference"

Professional Experienced Staff

Our staff hold your satisfaction in the highest regard. To achieve this, we strive to maintain a high level of competency, not only in the quality of the work that we perform, but also by conducting ourselves in a safe and professional manner, each and every time. Every member of our team has been selected as a result of their ability to provide quality work, while keeping up with technological advancements and training, being safety conscious and by creating lasting relationships with our clients.

Expert Training in Telecom Installs

This work isn’t just what we do, it’s what we love to do! Our technicians are trained and certified to be conducting all of our service offerings and the list keeps getting bigger and bigger. Our commitment to safety is realized by continually creating the safest environments and procedures, to ensure the safety of both our clients and technicians, every day.

The scope of our service offerings is constantly changing, however it is our expectation that each member of our staff is fully trained in the following areas:

  • Establishing voice and data networks by running, pulling, terminating, and splicing cables, including, cat5, cat6 and coaxial.
  • Connecting, disconnecting and relocating cable, internet and phone outlets.
  • Installing splitters and other cable hardware and systems at our customers premises.
  • Installing telecommunications equipment, routers, and switches.
  • Installation of demarcation, ONT’s, UPS’s and all fiber optic related equipment.
  • Cross connect wiring, cabinet distribution and pedestal grooming.
  • Adherence to industry and client standards.
  • Verifying services by testing circuits and equipment.
  • Performing major and minor preventative maintenance and repairs by troubleshooting cabling system issues.
  • Testing every newly installed or relocated cable in accordance with established procedures.
  • Keeping cables neatly tied, bundled and labeled, while maintaining industry standards.
  • Understanding, adhering to, and promoting environmental, health & safety policies.
  • Operating vehicles, hand tools, power tools, ladders, and test equipment.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

So what does a Guarantee actually mean? To CBL Telecom, it means being held accountable to our customers, for every aspect of the job, every time. So then, what defines someone’s satisfaction? We believe that there are more elements at play, than what most companies are trying to achieve.

Just because something works, doesn’t mean that your satisfied with it or that the job has been done correctly. Is it working as well as it should? Was it installed where you wanted it to be? Do you understand why it works the way it does? or Was there something else available, that might have been better to use? These are questions that we strive to answer before we start the job and ensure we have answered upon the completion of our work. It’s important to us that that we exceed your expectations and leave you knowing that your concerns were met, your questions answered and that the job was executed in a safe and professional manner. This is our guarantee to you, our valued customer.

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