CBL has been in the business for years

CBL Telecom Services is a Winnipeg Based Company, that caters to a large scope of services, relating to most cable based networks, systems and processes. CBL, is derived from the word “Cabling”, as we define our company as a group of educated professionals, who specialize in the handling, installation and termination of telecommunication lines. With our combined knowledge of industry standards, practices and ever-changing advances in technology, you can trust in a CBL Telecom Technician to be able to tackle any of you technical needs, regardless of the size and scope of your project!

We are committed to you, our customer, to meet your expectations of quality and professionalism, while leaving you with a sense of satisfaction in knowing that the work we perform will surpassed your expectations and improved the way that technology can work for you. We look forward to the opportunity to make all the right connections for you!


CBL Telecom Services provides full support for all of our service offerings and equipment. Even if no technical issue exists, we are happy to answer any and all of your questions. It’s our goal to ensure you have a full understanding of the new equipment and systems that have been installed. Take comfort in knowing that CBL has you covered!

We use only the highest quality materials and equipment, to ensure post installation functionality. No matter what services have been performed, we stand by our work and will work with you to ensure your satisfaction. Aside from our customer satisfaction and quality guarantees, CBL Telecom also offers a two year warranty on our surveillance equipment. Enjoy all of our services worry free, that’s our guarantee!

Booking a service is easier that ever before! On this site, there are a variety of options, to assist you with getting in touch with us. You can find our direct phone and email contacts at both the top and bottom of our website pages, as well as our online “quick response” contact and booking form. Simply call, email or fill out our convenient online booking form and we’ll be happy to help “Make all the right connections for you“!

We don’t expect you to just close your eyes and pick a company to get the job done. With that being said, we do expect that WE have provided you with the best information possible, to assist you in making the most educated and confident selection possible. Throughout our HOME and ABOUT pages, you will find information regarding who we are and what we do best. Listed below, you can also find a description of our company values and what they mean to us. Experience, Precision, Reliability and Quality.



The CBL Difference

CBL Telecom Services possesses a continually expanding knowledge of communication and multimedia systems. With a combined knowledge of over ten years experience in the industry, we have been able to engage in a wide variety of tech related installations, that service both the residential and commercial markets. All CBL Technicians are trained in the installation and termination of telecommunication cabling and network systems. This includes current knowledge of local television, phone and internet providers systems, practices and equipment. We are fully licensed, insured and equipped to cater to all of your cabling needs and service requests.


Ease of communication and service

Don’t expect CBL Telecom Services to tell you “we should be there sometime within the next four hours”, or “I’m sorry, but we won’t be able to book you in for another month yet”! We pride ourselves of being both reliable and accountable, to all of our customers. Communication is our business, so we invite you to connect with us via phone, text, email or online using our online booking system, to guarantee your appointment time and date. Experience the comfort in knowing that YOU are in control of setting up your own appointment, without the inconvenience of dealing with automated systems and long wait times. Your appointments and concerns will be addressed with confirmation emails and text notifications. In addition, you will also receive a call from our technicians when they are en route to your residence, work site or place of business. Give our online booking system a try today and set up an appointment on your own terms!

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Hard work to achieve a polished and perfect product

At CBL Telecom, we believe that quality should not just be measured by only one criteria. Quality, to us, encumbrances the grade of workmanship that is performed, the products and materials that we install and the level of service that you receive. We continually strive to ensure that the equipment and lines that we install are organised, labeled and aesthetically pleasing to you, our client. There are no time restrictions to our services. It is important to us, that the necessary amount of time is spent to ensure that your questions have been answered and that we leave you knowing that we have executed your requests to the best of our ability. We operate under the strict guidelines of our company policy, The Office of The Fire Commissioner, The Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba and  The Construction Safety Association of Manitoba. All work performed is inspected to not only ensure compliance to our companies expectations, but also that it adheres to the level of professionalism and quality standards that these institutions uphold.


We'll help you select the best options possible

We aren’t talking about threading a needle here…..Precision to us, is the manner in which we are able to execute your customized request for service, repair and installation. We understand that there are additional factors such as time constraints, construction processes and customized options that are going to require more focus and attention to detail. CBL Telecom Services is committed to ensuring that none of these details go overlooked. Our team of planners and installers will meet with you to discuss a strategic approach for each of your requests, to ensure that your deadlines are met, the details of the job are paid attention to and that your expectations are surpassed. Call CBL today to begin the process of completing your project, in a way that will prepare your home or business, for ease-of-use and accessibility to the technological advancements of the future.